In an idyllic landscape nestling in the Vallon de Rascas, a small valley in-between the hills of Grimaud and its chateau, is situated the “Atelier d’Art Peter Thumm”.

In this location full of charm, the Espace Artum is now open to the public. There the ceramicist and artist Peter Thumm exhibits his unique creations comprising ceramics, paintings on canvas or paper and sculptures.

Each summer, Nadège Commandoux also receives internationally renowned painters and sculptors for specially selected exhibitions in the Espace Artum. There they show their own works and those realised in collaboration with Peter Thumm in his studio.

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Espace Artum
Atelier d’Art Peter Thumm - Chemin de Rascas 83310 Grimaud
Tel. 04 94 55 67 40 - Portable 06 80 87 38 07 - du mardi au samedi de 11h à 20h30 et sur rendez-vous.
This map will be very useful for going to the studio in Grimaud.

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Works in collaboration with the artists:

Hans Peter Adamski, Cologne
Elvira Bach, Berlin
Jacques Barry,
   Saint Etienne and Paris
Marina Brettschneider,
Horst Gläsker, Düsseldorf
Rike Hecker, Cologne
Andreas Kopp, Cologne
Gert Mathiesen, New York

Heinrich Nicolaus, Florence
Ingrid Roschek, Cologne
Pamela Smilow, New York
Stefan Szczesny,
   Cologne and Saint Tropez
Barbara Szüts, Cologne
Harald Vogl, Paris
Fred Weidmann, Munich

Visit here Peter Thumms web site:


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Responsible for the content is:
Peter Thumm
Atelier d'Art Peter Thumm SARL
Chemin de Rascas
83310 Grimaud
Tel + 33 (0) 4 94556740
VAT ID No.: FR 89 481 263 424